The Benefit of Bean sprouts

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

Bean sprouts are good for health because it contains more fiber and water.This is a strength in the fight ganda bean sprouts kanker.pushing dirt soon leave the large intestine, so that no more oxygen-toxic substances in sewage that can be absorbed the body.And prevent this toxic substance that can stimulate seed cancer.Gynecology most high green beans on the potassium is usually good for health jantung.Kalium the mineral and potasium, are mineralnya for heart health.If potassium deficiency akan we usually weak and spiritless.Estrogen is naturally found in the bean sprouts as a functional estrogen statis.Estrogen in the bean sprouts can significantly improve bone density and order, and prevent bone fragility (osteoporoses). diligently to eat bean sprouts help women avoid breast cancer, the interference menstruasi (premenstrual syndrome) or PMS complaints tinge of heat (hot flashes),pramenopouse and interference due manopuse. In addition, because the bean sprouts contain a high vitamin E, also beneficial for the skin beauty kita.Vitamin E are antioxidants that can protect cells from radical attack bebas.Kalau we consume these vitamins, skin automatically akan more bright and Shining.


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